The Dome Magazine article from the Parish of St Laurence, Petersfield (Summer 2016)

The Sisters of Maria Stella Matutina (Mary Morning Star) are an international contemplative community whose mother house is in Spain. They have recently opened a convent in our diocese of Portsmouth in the village of Grayshott, located next to the parish Church of St Joseph.

By their religious life the sisters desire to live the mystery of the Virgin Mary, to be witnesses of Christ’s love for the Church and for all men. Their life is purely contemplative, with no other apostolate than that of prayer and presence. They are called to lead their life in the heart of the world, without being enclosed by a strict monastic cloister so as to respond to the demands of the New Evangelisation. Their life is one of prayer, silence, study, manual work and fraternal charity.

Each day the sisters gather together to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to pray in silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and to sing the Divine Office. They also reserve times for solitary prayer in their cells. The sister’s mornings are consecrated to studying the Word of God, the theology of the Church and philosophy of the human person. Their afternoons are dedicated to manual work and service. In Grayshott the sisters craftwork includes: calligraphied cards, pottery, handmade liturgical linen, jams, biscuits and cakes. By the work of their hands they incarnate their vow of poverty, working to provide for some of their needs. However due to the demands of their monastic life they are unable to cover fully the costs of daily life. For this reason they gratefully accept donations from benefactors.

The sisters are very happy to offer monastic hospitality to all who wish to visit them. They like to share with others what is most essential to their contemplative life: prayer, the Word of God and the search for truth.