To say goodbye to a people you love or a place you like has never been easy for any one. Yet at one point in life it comes to each of us. I have always wondered why there is a ‘good’ in the ‘bye’. What is good about leaving your loved ones? Some over six years ago, I left Cameroon saying ‘goodbye’ to my family and friends for the UK, for what was to be the start of a long missionary journey of experiences that will come to an end on the 12th of September when I finally fly back to Cameroon. I stand today to say another ‘goodbye’ to a new family and friends I had created in the UK for the past six years and nine months. All these years have been years of mixed fortunes where I experienced both the good, the bad and the ugly. For all these, I must sincerely thank God, because, they have all helped to strengthen me, my faith and my ministry. But overall, I should say I have had a very nice time, with very lovely people from Basingstoke, Yateley and now Bordon and Grayshott. Thank you all for all the love, our journey of faith and the experiences.

It takes a lot of energy leaving from your home country to a totally new one for the very first time. It’s like stepping into the unknown, not knowing what you will meet. With the cultural shock, it took me a lot of determination, energy and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to deal with all the annoying paper work in the UK, the traffic, the weather, the not very musical communities, the cool and very prudent English people etc. Thanks to God that I now feel comfortable in all these.

As I return to Cameroon, you will all remain in my prayers. Please, pray for me as I do for you. Also pray for the socio-political situation in Cameroon following the Anglophone crisis.

You will all be missed and stay blessed.  Fr Thom.


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