Bishops warn of ‘growing genocide’ in Cameroon – Special Masses

Hundreds are dead and nearly 26,000 have fled across the border to Nigeria

“They are hunting us,” murmurs a secondary school teacher, turning his back to the camera and asking not to be named. “The Cameroon government security forces were entering villages and killing unarmed people. Bodies have been found in forests, they used every method and means to kill. It’s a huge number of fatalities.”….

Follow the news from The Tablet (The International Catholic News Weekly) –


As a Parish, we will like to celebrate votive Masses next Tuesday 15th at Sacred Heart and Wednesday 16th at St Joseph for the crisis in the English Speaking Regions of Cameroon. The votive Masses will be as laid in the Missal ‘In Time of War or Civil Disobedience’. Please, join if you can. 

On Pentecost Sunday, we are appealing for a second collection to help some victims and refugees of the crisis so far. The military of Cameroon is causing a lot of harm by burning down homes and villages, indiscriminate shootings and killings etc. as a means of cracking down protesters and citizens seeking for their rights. Many have been rendered homeless… Every little support helps. Thanks so much in advance for all your sacrifices, Fr Thom.


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