Bishop Philip introduces Evangelisation Strategy TEAMS

VIDEO: Bishop Philip’s introduction to the Evangelisation Strategy Teams:


In 2014 Bishop Philip set a timeline for every Parish (and then every Pastoral Area) to establish a team of people who would devise a strategy for evangelisation, that is, for reaching out and proclaiming the Gospel to the ‘outside world’… taking the church out to those who (at present) have no contact with Jesus through His church.

A serious question to ask ourselves is this: if the parish church disappeared overnight, who would miss it? Apart from the parishioners (and of course the Parish Priest!) who ‘out-there’ would miss the church in their life? If we can think of only a few people, then we’re not being effective in our outreach, we’re not evangelising, we’re not living the Gospel.

We need to think strategically. We need to be imaginative. We need to be outward looking as well of course as taking care of one another. “GO OUT AND PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS!” Jesus commanded us.

Would you like to be part of this team? Are you good at planning and organising? Are you an imaginative thinker?  Are you creative? Would you like to share your faith with others?

It’s important that this team is made up all kinds of people – truly representing our parish community. We need representatives from all of the different ethnic groups, old and young, retired and employed.  This is really important. This is the mission of the church… all disciples need to engage in this task… could you get involved???


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